Hausa Flashcards

Our MuKaranta Katunan Haruffa – Hausa flashcards – are trailblazers in the field of Hausa literacy learning. Illustrated in bright primary colours, the pictures reflect familiar features of life in Northern Nigeria. Each picture is shown on two cards, one with the initial capital letter on the back, and the other with the corresponding small letter.

Teachers, parents and children all love our MuKaranta Hausa flashcards. They lend themselves to learning through activities such as sounding out letters, matching letters and sounds, and spelling out names and words. How about playing games such as ‘Snap!’ or ‘Match and snap!’? Or encourage children to choose a letter – for example ‘T’. Then they imagine going to market and naming as many things as possible that begin with that sound. Or try telling a story using words starting with ‘s’?!

Flashcards guarantee lots of learning and lots of fun.

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